Bowelscan Testing Kit

Bowelscan Testing Kit

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Bowelscan testing kits are affordable, easy to use and include testing by approved pathologists as well as notification of results.

The sale of kits via this website is intended for customers who reside in Queensland and are able to take their completed test kits back to any Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Depot for free processing and evaluation.

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The Bowelscan testing kit.

Bowelscan testing kits detect invisible traces of blood that may be present in your bowel. This may be caused by a cancer or polyp. By identifying this blood early, it enables you to seek advice and treatment from your doctor, giving you a better chance of survival against bowel cancer. However there may be a polyp or cancer present which is not bleeding and which will not show up in one test. Annual testing is therefore recommended for all men and women over 40.

Rotary in Queensland have chosen to use the identical kit used by Queensland Health in Bowel cancer screening, a two tube iFOBT kit manufactured by Eiken. iFOBT kits are superior as they detect only human blood and therefore there is no need for any dietary restrictions prior to doing the test. For online sales from this website, Eiken two tube kits are used. Eiken kits are more sensitive and the extra cost is a small price to pay for the suffering that may be avoided.

Only two test samples need to be taken. The new kits are more time and temperature critical and  must be returned promptly when completed. This testing method is currently one of the preferred and most cost effective, accurate and easy way of detecting bowel cancer early.  It is approved under the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use in Australia.

Only Eiken iFOB kits are available for online sales.

Testing for bowel cancer is simple and easy.

Detecting bowel cancer early is the key to surviving this deadly disease. By testing yourself early, you increase the chance of easier treatment and survival. ‘Bowelscan testing kits are inexpensive and easy to use. Kits include detailed instructions.’

Distributed on-line and through participating pharmacies throughout Queensland, each returned kit will be tested by an accredited pathologist and you will be notified of the results. If you wish to purchase from a participating pharmacy, contact your local Rotary Club to locate the closest one to you.  Please note the requirements for the return of used kits (see under Returning The Kit).

You should not take the Bowelscan test:

During your menstrual cycleWhen suffering haemorrhoidsIf you have open cuts on your hands

It is recommended if you have experienced any of the following recently, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible, instead of taking the Bowelscan test:

Rectal bleedingChange in bowel habitPersistent pain in the lower abdomen

Dietary adjustments for the Bowelscan test.

When using a Bowelscan kit it is advised that, starting 72 hours before and during the tests, you try to eat a well-balanced diet including fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Do not collect samples during or until 3 days after a menstrual period.

Instructions for taking the Bowelscan test.

1. This test is used to detect the presence of blood in our faeces, which is not always visible to the naked eye. Do not use if haemorrhoids are bleeding.

2. Please follow these instructions to ensure your test results are accurate and reliable.

3. You will need to collect a faeces sample from your bowel movement each day for two days.

4. Refrigerate all samples and deliver both samples and your Registration Card in the plastic bag in the Return Envelope to your nearest Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Collection Centre  within 5 days of first sample.

Faecal Collection

1. Pass urine into toilet if necessary.

2. Affix Toilet Faeces Catcher across ceramic toilet bowel as shown on the instructions printed on the Catcher. (Two are supplied).

3. Twist the Green Cap on the Collection Tube to remove it.

4. The sampling probe is attached to the cap. Insert the probe into 5-6 locations in the faeces to obtain a small mixed sample. See Diagram below.

5. Return the sampling probe to the collection tube. Align the cap in the same direction as the tube, then press it straight onto the tube until a click sound is heard.

6. Shake the tube vigorously up and down several times.

7. Write Tube label with (N) Name, (A) age, (D) Date collected

8. Peel off one barcode and put it along the back of Tube 1 making sure not to cover your Name, Age and Date and  then put its twin on first space marked for this on bottom of Registration Card. Store in plastic bag in fridge.

9. Repeat all steps for second bowel movement

10. Place completed card and two completed tubes in plastic specimen bag, place it in Return Envelope and take it to your nearest Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Collection Centre.

Things to remember when returning the Bowelscan kit.

· Return the kit within 5 days of using it (enclosed in the paper envelope of the Bowelscan kit)

· Check that your name, address, signature, doctor’s name and date are filled in

· If you change address before you receive the results, please contact us with your new address

· Check you have signed and attached the pathology card to the Bowelscan test. Make sure this is correctly filled out as your Bowelscan kit will not be tested if the pathology card is not included or not signed.

Once you’ve completed the test.

Completed test kits should be taken back to any Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Depot (SNP) for free processing and evaluation. This delivery should be within 5 days of the last sample you collect.

To check if you can get completed kits back you are asked to locate your nearest SNP Depot and make your own judgement as to how you can make the delivery. The use of Australia Post is not acceptable for completed kits although we may post new kits to you.

Testing positive

A positive result from a Bowelscan kit means that a polyp or bowel cancer may be present and more extensive tests are required to confirm this result.

Most will not have cancer, but some may, and early diagnosis will greatly improve their chance of survival. Remember bowel cancer is 90% curable if the cancer is detected early.

Your nominated doctor will be informed by a Bowelscan medical coordinator within four weeks after the kit is returned and will advise you accordingly on the best course of action.

Testing negative

A negative result from a Bowelscan kit means that no blood was detected, however as not all polyps and cancers bleed with some bleeding intermittently, a negative result means that a significant bowel problem could still be present.

If you are currently experiencing rectal bleeding, a change of bowel habit or lower abdominal pain you are strongly advised to consult your local doctor. It is also recommended if you have a family history of the disease to have regular checkups with your doctor.

If you do test negative your results will be mailed to you within 8-10 weeks after the kit is returned. However if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of bowel cancer is advised that you consult with your doctor immediately.

* Do not ask Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology for test results.

All Results should be sent by mail or email as above unless delayed by additional Covid-19 restrictions issued by Australian Governments.

A Bowelscan test can save a life

After taking Rotary’s annual test for many years I missed one year. Luckily I did a follow up test and cancer was detected. It’s scary, I had no symptoms.

Anthony Wills

I only missed two years and that's all it took for me to be in serious trouble. It was such a shock to hear that the test came back with three positives.

Max Bissett
Redland Bay

I would certainly endorse Bowelscan and would urge everyone to take the test each year in the hope of detecting bowel cancer at the earliest possible stage.

Roy McQueen
Victoria Point

I was so lucky that the test caught the cancer when it did. It scares me to think had I left it any longer I might not be here to watch my grandchildren grow up.

Robert Muller